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A Day in the life of a … Postgraduate Law Student


A Day in the Life of a Post-Graduate Student

Name: Rochelle Monk
Undergraduate degree: LLB (Univeristy of Waikato)
Postgraduate course: LLM 


Why did you decide to further your study?

I am interested in having the opportunity to teaching others about the subjects I have come to love through completing my LLB. Hence, further study is required so that I have the ability and knowledge to do this in the future.


Where are you currently doing your postgrad? Why?

I am doing my postgraduate study at the University of Waikato. I chose to continue my education with this institution because my experience with them thus far has been amazing. I love how unique the university is and being originally from a small town the community atmosphere of the Waikato region suits me.


What are the highlights of doing postgrad study?

I am really enjoying the freedom my LLM affords me. I love that the university has allowed me to choose a dissertation topic that it does not offer a taught paper on. Hence, this programme allows me to combine multiple things I am passionate about, which to me is the ultimate highlight.


What are the challenges of postgrad study?

One challenge I am finding is having to adjust to setting my own deadlines as I am not use to having to do this to the extent I now need to. This is proving very interesting particularly because I am currently balancing my dissertation with workloads from taught papers.


What advantages do you think doing further study gives you?

I believe further study will gift me more knowledge, which is always an asset when you are interested in teaching others I think. In addition, experience that is more academic is also of value in the direction I plan to head.


What are the disadvantages?

The only disadvantage I think of completing further study is the extra time it requires however I believe the benefits of doing so well outweigh this disadvantage if through this study I am able to reach my goals.


Where do you hope to go from here?

I hope to complete a teaching programme after my LLM and then tutor and teach in areas of the law that interest me.


Any other advice for law students wanting to do postgraduate study?

My one piece of advice would be to cherish every challenge and experience this type of study throws at you. Trust me, there will be many.