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Tips for Surviving Summer School

by Tina Chen-Xu

In a law student’s life, there is at least one summer spent at summer school. Whether you’re attempting to finish your studies with that final paper, or attempting to fast-track your degree, read below for some tips to survive summer school.


Attend your classes

Summer school tends to condense a lot of content otherwise learnt over a period of 12-13 weeks into a much shorter timeframe. It is recommended that you attend all of your classes, even though the thought of being stuck inside while it’s a cracker of a day outside is off-putting. You can fall behind in content covered very quickly if you do not attend. In the alternative, ask for notes from kind friends. Learn more about effective note-taking from this handy Learn Law Life guide here.


Ensure you have financial support running throughout your period of study

If there is a study break of more than three weeks, it’s important to check whether you can apply for financial assistance from Studylink. Make sure you apply for financial assistance sooner, rather than later. If you have a study break for less than three weeks, you may be able to extend your study without re-applying for a loan or allowance.


Sign up for summer school courses as soon as possible

It is easier to withdraw from the course if you decide that you do not want to attend, than being waitlisted for a course. In some courses, if they are at an elective level (300-level or above), depending on your level of study, you may be able to be prioritised. For example, if you are in your final year of study, you will be prioritised over students who have yet to start their elective papers.


Enjoy your summer!

It’s important to make sure that you take the time to enjoy your summer! Lecturers understand that summer school is voluntary, and that you might not want to be there. Do your readings outside in the sunshine, find a nice spot at law school to study. One of the nice things about summer school is that there is less people around, so take the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet. Summer school is always more fun when you’re with friends, so take the time to get to know your fellow peers so you can bond over the fact that you’re both stuck inside. Just think about how in a few years’ time you will be working in an office over the summer…