Who we are?

We are the Government’s lead economic and financial adviser. We provide advice to the Government on its overarching economic framework, on its fiscal strategy and on achieving value for money from its investments. We implement government decisions and are also responsible for the Financial Statements of the Government, for ensuring effective management of the assets and liabilities on the Crown’s balance sheet and for publishing economic and fiscal forecasts.


What Does A Treasury Graduate Look Like?

Despite being the government’s lead economic and financial adviser, we are not only interested in economics and finance graduates. We want people who think differently and can provide fresh solutions to problems. You need to have an ability to work with numbers, as a large part of what you will be doing is measuring (and providing advice) on the financial implications of other government ministries’ policy proposals.

We look for candidates who can:

  • Successfully adapt to an ever changing political and economic environment
  • Relate well with others to understand and influence outside perspectives
  • Clarify areas of ambiguity and filter irrelevant or distracting information
  • Communicate findings clearly and precisely to a wide range of audiences
  • Think critically and analytically about problems and their solutions
  • Thrive under pressure
  • See the big picture while being accurate with the small details


What Development Will I Get?

Our 18 Month Graduate Programme encompasses a few different development areas:

90 Day Induction: Our goal is to set you up with a solid foundation to build your Treasury career on. In order for us to achieve this we need to help you understand the culture you have joined, the diversity of thinking we seek, the vision we have for the future, and the strategic plan you will contribute towards. Our 90 Day Induction programme provides this platform and helps you get up and running quickly.
One on One Coaching: The coach you are paired with is handpicked for your individual development needs. We match your role requirements to their work experience to make sure that you are growing and developing into a well-rounded professional. All our coaches are trained in employee competency development and are given 90 day plans to keep your development on track.
Graduate Training: To maximise your success and performance, we have designed a technical behavioural and cultural development programme that provides you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in your role. These skills won’t just benefit you working in the Treasury, but are setting you up for endless professional possibilities in the future.
On the Job Learning: We understand that classroom development can only get you so far – that is why we have prioritised your on the job learning to make sure that you are working on projects that challenge you, networks that expand your influence, and responsibilities that expose you to a wide range of policy issues and actions.


Interested in a summer internship?

Our summer interns spend three months with us from November to February conducting research in a particular area. It is also a great way to understand the types of work carried out by Treasury and in the public sector more generally. Our interns are an important part of the teams they are working with over the summer and accompany their colleagues to ministers’ meetings when these arise. They also get to help organise social events and competitions held at Treasury with our graduate cohorts and other staff.

Some of the latest internship projects include work on:

  • Social housing
  • Impacts of migration on the welfare system
  • Structural Discrimination
  • Skills gaps in the workforce
  • Market advantages of GM Free
  • Understanding primary school performance

If you are interested in meeting us face to face and having a chat with some of our grads, please check our website for our upcoming events.

Alternatively, you can get in touch by emailing us at: grad.enquiries@treasury.govt.nz

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