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alexis-brown-82988Many organisations rely on volunteers for the delivery of their services. Law students are well placed to assist others in their community with legal and associated problems. Below is a list of organisations that offer volunteer opportunities to law students, recent graduates and qualified lawyers. The list below is not exhaustive. Please contact LexisNexis if you have suggestions for additional volunteering opportunities.


Youth Law is a free community law centre for children and young adults nationwide, providing legal advice to anyone under 25 who is unable to access legal help elsewhere. Youth Law is part of the Community Law Centre Network. Most volunteers are law students in Part II or above.  Visit the website for more information on how to volunteer: http://www.youthlaw.co.nz/help/volunteer


Community Law helps those with all kinds of legal problems from employment, family and housing issues to criminal matters, human rights and Māori land. Provides free one-on-one legal help, online resources and community workshops.  Also offers help in specialist areas of youth; disability and Māori law. Nationally the organisation has about 1200 lawyers (plus students and recent graduates) volunteering.  Students interested in volunteering should approach their local community law centre to find out more about how to volunteer in their area. Visit the national website for contact details of their local office www.communitylaw.org.nz or visit the websites through the links for community law centres in the main cities we have listed below.

  • Auckland Community Law Centre gives FREE legal advice to Aucklanders who can’t afford it and also provides legal education to the Auckland community. If you are interested in volunteering, please email info@aclc.org.nz and enter ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line for an application form. Or visit the website http://aclc.org.nz for more information.
  • Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley are involved with daily free legal drop-in and throughout our specialist advice services. To volunteer for free legal advice services students need to have completed all compulsory 200 level papers (or equivalent at another law school in New Zealand or overseas). Visit the website to find out more http://www.wclc.org.nz/volunteers/volunteer-students/
  • Community Law Waikato provides community legal services throughout the Waikato region. Visit the website to find out more about volunteering  http://communitylaw.org.nz/centre/waikato
  • Community Law Canterbury offers quality free legal help to people in Canterbury and Grey and Westland Districts. The centre offers general legal advice, specialist advice and information services. Law students may apply to volunteer with the service from third year and above by visiting the website http://www.canlaw.org.nz/volunteers or contacting the volunteer co-ordinator: admin@canlaw.org.nz .
  • Community Law Otago offers free legal advice and information, representation and education to people of Otago.  Visit the website to find out more about volunteering: http://communitylaw.org.nz/centre/otago .


The Citizen Advice Bureau helps people know and understand their rights and obligations in their communities and provides them with support to take action and work for positive social change. Its services are provided by more than 2,600 trained volunteers throughout NZ. The Bureau is made up of a number of different legal entities which each have different approaches to volunteering. Students who are interested in volunteering for the CAB should visit the national website and follow the instructions to contact their local centre http://www.cab.org.nz/getinvolved/volunteer/Pages/home.aspx


ADLS offers work experience opportunities to law students via its website in partnership with a number of university law students’ societies. It aims to promote part-time paid and volunteer work experience opportunities, to 4th and 5th year law students, available within law firms. Visit the website to find our more http://www.adls.org.nz/for-the-profession/work-experience-opportunities-for-law-students


Ngāi Tahu Māori Law Centre is a Community Law Centre based in Dunedin and offering free legal service to all members of its community. Generally the centre has about 3 volunteers a year. Student who are interested in volunteering should contact the Māori Land Law lecturer at Otago University or the Ngāi Tahu Māori Law Centre at www.ngaitahulaw.org.nz


Woman’s Refuge is an organisation for women and their children, working to help stop family violence in New Zealand.  As NZ’s most significant domestic violence organisation it takes a strong advocacy role by working to change policy and attitudes about family violence. Student who are interested in volunteering should visit the website for more information: https://womensrefuge.org.nz/support-our-work/volunteer